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Ali Ahmer Male Escort & Call Boy
This site is only dadicated to females, there is no options for males so if you are female i am here as a male escort or call boys in Pakistan for premium time and services.

Details of Service

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What is Male Escort

Male escorts are men or ladies that provide companionship for females or males in exchange for money. They offer a variety of services such as social and sexual encounters, companionship and more. Male escorts can either be independent contractors or be employed by escort agencies. Although not all agencies accept males, some do and thus these men fill an essential niche in the market. 

In the past, prostitution was an activity that was exclusively conducted by women, but men are becoming increasingly involved in the industry. In a time when there seems to be a stigma on sex in general, these men have that require them to have sex with multiple clients in a day. These gigolo handle the sexual needs of people who would not be able to deal with their libido. Now they also perform to be women boyfriend also.

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What is Call boy

Call boys are typically men that are paid by wealthy people for sexual favors. It’s not uncommon for them to have slept with 50-100 people in one year. Have you ever seen a movie or TV show where someone is hired to spend time with someone else in order to gain something? Perhaps they are pretending to be lovers, but it’s really about an exchange of power.

Call boys are those boys or male who's willing to do some quality time to spend with someone for sake of some money. Now in this quality time you may consider it as a sexual activity love, relationship and sex.

Male escort in Pakistan also consider to be a person who provide the sexual services for the benefit of men or women for sake of some money.

I am providing both of these services as call boy and male escort but please remember this in your mind that there is no joining options for male i work alone and don't involve some male in my work.

Male person may find me annoying because even after describing myself they still want to contact me and ask for joining and that's main reason of blocking them. I instantly bock male because i never want to have any joining options.

For females this option is open (no option of male ) available i am not gay so this is one of the reason to provide the opposite gender service. Contact me below to get started

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In service there are somethings included like love, sex, fun, outing, fucks, long relation and kissing etc. Its not very hard to do you just need to message me.

From me you will get honesty, loveliness, some type of care also, let me explain it a while. There are always different type of nature of female and male. It is possible that our both mental situation also don't match then its ok you may find someone else escort.

There is no pressure there is no limitations while hiring me, If you are satisfy and have some trust on me while chatting or calling then we may go further otherwise you are OK to do whatever you want.

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Why you should hire escort or call boy

This is the most open question i heard ever if i am online or if someone is going to book me. below are the reasons why you should hire escort or call boy.

2nd Affair

You may consider that if you want a second affair for relationship then this way is good because its total remain hidden. so just message me on WhatsApp to start.

Husbands Sexual Disability

If your husband does not satisfy you then this option is not bad. For many reasons men don't able to satisfy women and the main is disability. So yes Just ping me and am with you for some better time.

Parties to Attend

Some time you need handsome boy to just be with-you to attend your company or parties. In this situation i am here with you. Ping me to get started.

Hidden Relationship

This relation of sexual activity totally remain unknown and hidden to third person. You have full freedom and security while working with me. 

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Confused on What to do ?

Its not very tuff to decide what to do. If you are feeling any kind of confusion just chat with me and discuss the matter what's the issue. We try to find the way which is better.

Call boy in Pakistan is type of service that you should not be confused, i Know that if you are doing this step first time then its little bit difficult to you but you may do live chat with me to clear this confusion.

I am afraid to do this

Are you afraid to do this step? I mean you are afraid to hire male escort or call boy in Pakistan? then i want to tell you something which is if you doing this first time then i am very friendly you even don't imagine.