What to do When husband can't satisfy me sexually

What to do when husband can't satisfy me sexually this is one of the biggest issue in relationship between husband and wife and to handle this there are many ways to do. here i am explaining it one by one as per your needs you should deal this.

Below are some ways that may be good for you if you want to take that step

  • Take a divorce
  • Go to Doctor
  • Talk with you husband for solution
  • Go for hidden relationship
  • Find a Boy Friend
Above are he possible ways to handle this situation and below are some of its details.

Take a Divorce

If you think that you don't be able to spend a whole life with husband and its hard to live more with him then you should file a divorce based on many reasons. 
If there is only sex issue then i think divorce is not good for you. You should think again and twice. As per my thinking when someone go for divorce they have many other issues also. So before you go for this think twice rather love is more important then sex.

Go to Doctor

Another solution is going to the doctor which very common and your husband became a normal person in sex too. It is very important part of life without sex the life is in-active. So you should find the doctor and you also need to tell him everything.

Talk with your husband for solution

You should talk with your husband for solution to not satisfy sexually. You must talk and you also have a faith wit husband that you both can solve the problem. Ask him that this is the issue and we have to solve this. The main thing is you should consider the problem is actual your problem. Solve it together.

Go for hidden relationship

 This is the last way to sexually satisfy you which is going for hidden relationship. If you already see everything and can't find a way to handle the situation then this is the last option for you. Just go to this page and read it. Then decide.

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Find a Boy friend

Another option is go and look for boy friend which should be secret also. May be you don't like this way but choose this if you don't find any other way and you just want to have a sexual satisfaction.

Hope you find this way good otherwise you may WhatsApp me to discuss your issue too.