Women Seeking Men in Ghotki

 Women Seeking Men in Ghotki Married women looking for men and likewise married men looking for women is not a new idea. In fact did you know that long ago it was perfectly acceptable for a man to have many wives... and the women to have many partners too.

The History of Affairs

Even back during the early Roman times when the Christianity was declared the official religion of Rome (a different story in and of itself)... even priests had multiple wives and mistresses.

And in 726AD it was acceptable for a man to take another wife should his first wife become sick. But get this... Romans where very monogamous when it came to marriage, but not when it came to having offspring.

So I hope, just from that, you can see that married men and women have had multiple partners for thousands of years... many thousands of years. Whether that makes it right or wrong is besides the point... but as you know there are many reason why a person strays from their partner.

If you're considering an affair... you are not alone. Over the past few years it seems to have become a lot more mainstream... even trendy... to have an affair. Whether that has increased the number of married couples having one, or just brought them to light... we will never know.

Affairs In The Modern Day

What's really interesting are some studies that have been conducted on partner who have had an affair. Just to give you some modern day statistics... and trust me, these are very interesting: